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"Look after your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Jim Rohn

Peta Pendlebury using Kinesiology with a client

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Are you feeling really happy and content right now?  If not, would you like to find out what the most important person in your life thinks about how you could put that right?  Come along for an appointment and have a conversation with your body and your body’s energy field about where you are going wrong and more importantly where you are going right!  You have a best friend living within you who knows exactly what is right for you right now – wouldn’t you like to have a chat?


Would you like to know why you feel out of balance or in pain?  Are you under a great deal of stress or feeling that you cannot focus or make decisions?  Maybe you are looking for help to move forward in life in a more spiritual way but can’t see the wood for the trees?  A body balance using kinesiology techniques along with tools such as nutritional supplements, Bach Flower Remedies, etc may be just what you need.


Alternatively are you a frequent flyer (flying more than 200 hours per year)?  Did you know that you will be being exposed to more radiation per year than a worker in a nuclear power plant?  Some people’s bodies handle radiation poorly and if yours is one of them you may benefit from the specialised body balancing to help your body deal with this and so avoid long term damage that can lead to bowel and breast cancer amongst other health conditions.  We can also look at how you can handle crossing time zones, etc more efficiently.


Consultations are free and advice can be given on diet, lifestyle and nutrition. I have a passion for research and love reading about health in general and quantum physics, water and skin (outside and in!) in particular. All this information is available to my clients and I write a regular health-E-news blog with interesting snippets that can help you improve your life (please sign up if you would like to receive this in the box on the right of this page).




I also specialise in unwanted hair removal using blend electrolysis (permanent hair removal) and waxing (temporary).  I have been treating transgender clients with electrolysis for over 15 years.



The salon is in a quiet area in Flintshire, North Wales with car parking directly outside and is within easy reach of Chester, Wrexham and Mold.

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