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"Look after your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Jim Rohn

double helix

distant treatments


Because kinesiology works in the field of quantum physics where all energy is connected it is not essential that you are actually in the clinic to receive a treatment.  I work with quite a few clients who live too far away or who are too ill to make the journey by Skype or by phone.  The treatment differs slightly in that we cannot put balances in place that require a physical correction but the body energy will select a different style of balance that will be as effective.


I have also worked distantly with clients who have asked for support but are not connected to me by Skype or phone at the time of the balance(s) as in the case of a client who I supported recently whilst she was in intensive care during the last week of her life.  This was a real privilege and you can read more about this in this case study.

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