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"Look after your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Jim Rohn


Issue 86 – 8/8/14 It’s taken me a while but I have now realised that the newsletters are not saved on the website!  So from now on I will be saving the newsletter under the blog page so that they are here for you to look at if you want to revisit one and haven’t […]


histamine Intolerance

There is a rare condition known as Histamine Intolerance or HIT which gives sufferers a range of symptoms such as stomach complaints, rashes, puffiness, hives, sleep problems and “cottonwool head”.  Any of these sound familiar?   Histamine is a chemical compound produced by our body that is an essential part of our immune response.   […]


‘Bad Science’ – Ben Goldacre


I have just finished reading an excellent book that looks at the use of science by the pharmaceutical companies, the vitamin companies (sometimes the same!), mainstream medicine, complementary medicine and the media and I would heartily recommend it.  I have learnt quite a bit – and a word of warning if you decide to read […]


scientific papers – can you trust them?

“there is less than a 50 percent chance that the results of any randomly chosen scientific paper will be true”   This is a statement I read this morning that was apparently made in 2005 and has been corroborated since by several other scientists.  It followed the submission of a bogus report to over 300 […]



Read a brilliant bit this morning about forgiveness.  From the  Greek it apparently is more accurately translated as “untying the knot”.  Now doesn’t that have a wonderful image? As I keep telling my clients forgiving someone or a group for something that they have done/you have perceived they have done is not condoning what was […]


Is there a hero in you?

As most of you know I love to read and research around how the body and particularly the mind works.  I was in Wrexham library’s psychology section on Friday (I’m doing more research on how our minds work for my next talk ‘Power of your Mind’ on June 5th – see home page for more […]


Why are thin people not fat?

Watching a very interesting Horizon documentary this evening on why some people are fat and others are not.  There were some very interesting conclusions, although as with all of these things you cannot make a hard and fast rule.   So what did they say?  Our bodies have a natural body weight and it will […]


New talk

Arthritis & Inflammation Weds 24th April, 7-9pm Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden, CH5 3DF Do you have arthritis?  Is there arthritis in your family?  Do you have tendonitis?  Bursitis?  Lupus?  Or do you just have aches and pains and a tendency to stiffness in the mornings or when you have been sitting for a while? If so, […]


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