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"Look after your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Jim Rohn

Horizon on Exercise

Hi everyone – a great programme last night on Horizon.  If you want the low down on what they discussed here it is! If you want to improve your blood glucose tolerance (essential for avoiding Diabetes later in life) then HIT is for you (High Intensive Training).  The presenter cycled for 20 seconds at high […]


Bacteria vs anti-biotics?

I have been reading a riveting book “Plague Time” by Paul W Ewald.  Did you know that some bacteria can change and produce a new generation in 20 minutes?  That’s changed enough for the anti-biotic you are currently taking to be less effective.  This is one reason why anti-biotics in their current state are not […]



Did you know that your original telomere length is dictated by genetics?  And some people are luckier than others in their original hand out?  Huh?  What’s a telomere?  It’s a natty bit of your DNA that unravels every time your DNA replicates and then re-ravels itself – it’s a bit like the plastic bit on […]


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