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FAQs – What is it?

Kinesiology is a system which combines manual muscle testing with the principles of Chinese Medicine and energy balancing. The muscle testing allows the body to reveal the location or nature of the imbalance and the body’s preference for treatment. Gentle corrections then take place that can have an immediate, as well as a more long term, effect on the body.  Recent high profile people who have benefited from kinesiology testing are Novak Djokovic who credits his success over the last few years to a kinesiology session that highlighted his intolerance to gluten and dairy.


The frequent flyer package is a treatment specifically aimed at people who fly more than 200 hours per year.  It helps the body deal with the side effects of increased exposure to cosmic radiation which has been linked to increased risk of breast and bowel cancer as well as other health issues.


Who can benefit from kinesiology?

Everyone! From the moment you are born your body is working towards being in perfect balance and if you achieved this you would be completely healthy. Our aim with kinesiology is to help with this rebalancing process. Kinesiology can help with emotional problems, stress, fears and phobias. It can also reveal whether the vitamins and mineral supplements you are taking are right for you or if you are struggling energetically with eating a particular food or drink.


Problems solved!

Whilst kinesiology is not proven by any medical trials there is a wealth of positive anecdotal feedback from many clients across the world as well as research trials and studies. For all health conditions it is recommended that you see a qualified health professional as well as a kinesiologist.


How long is a treatment?

Please allow 1½ hours for your first appointment, subsequent appointments may take up to an hour. After initial success many clients continue to see me on a monthly or quarterly basis – a little bit like an MOT! This ensures you remain balanced and any problems are spotted before they become serious.


Will I need to undress?

No. Testing takes place fully clothed although wearing clothing that allows you to be comfortable and move is ideal.


And after the assessment?

Clients will need to take responsibility for their own health and if vitamins, minerals, Bach flower remedies, affirmations or point stimulation is required between the treatments this will be advised upon during the assessment. If necessary these products can be purchased from me.


For more information or to book an appointment please telephone , text or email


I accept cash, debit and credit cards.  Regular clients may also pay by cheque.


Frequent Flyer Initial session £75.00
Frequent Flyer follow up sessions £50.00





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