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digestive enzymes


There are quite a few to choose from but as a starter it is best to choose a broad spectrum product such as Cytoplan’s Cytozyme* (£20.15 for 60 caps), Viridian’s High Potency Digestive Aid* (£7.45 for 30 caps or £17.10 for 90 caps), BioCare’s Spectrumzyme* (£24.95 for 90 caps) or Nutri’s Similase (£11.42 for 42 caps or £20.75 for 90 caps).  All of these are vegetarian and three are vegan*.  You have the added ethical standpoint of Viridian along with their food blend of spirulina, alfalfa and bilbery.  The only contra-indications with these are if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as there haven’t been enough trials done.  Care is also recommended if you have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  If you want me to test which one is right for you please contact me.  A quick test like this can be done at a distance and is free.

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