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Wherever you are on your journey at some point you will need to address this issue of unwanted hair.  Most clients will combine laser treatment and blend electrolysis and thermolysis (also called diathermy or RF electrolysis).  Laser treatment is excellent for retarding hair growth if the hair is dark against light coloured skin and can cover larger areas more quickly.  It should be noted that this method is not permanent although many clients find that some hairs do not regrow.  I recommend Gillian Hart at the Gresford SkinCare Clinic.

Electrolysis works on individual hairs at a time and is therefore slower.  However, electrolysis is the only way of permanently removing unwanted hair and can work on any colour hair and on any shade of skin.  For transgender clients the ability to have blend electrolysis as well as thermolysis is essential as it is much more successful at removing strong unwanted hair than thermolysis.

Treatment times can usually be up to 1 hour in length although with the pandemic we are restricted to 30 minute sessions at the moment and I work on all body hair apart from genitalia.  We cannot work inside the nose or the ear either (although the edge and the lobe of the ear is fine).

I understand that you may not wish to tell me that you are transgender but it would be helpful to know if you are taking female hormones as this can change skin reactions.

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