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Feeling SAD?

smiley sunYour alarm clock has just gone off and as you look towards the window you can see through the curtains that it is dark outside.  Yes, the wimter and darker days has arrived.  If you work indoors and have a later finish you may find that you don’t actually see daylight at all during the working week.  As the weeks progress you find yourself feeling a little out of sorts, not on top form either physically or emotionally and can start to feel irritable.


This has happened to many clients over the years and is a mild version of SAD or Seasonal Effective Disorder.  With one client in partiuclar she felt she couldn’t cope with the day to day family stuff that in the summer she handled with ease.  Testing showed that she was particularly sensitive to the diminishing amount of Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) in her body.  As she didn’t eat fish and didn’t particularly like eggs or nuts either she wasn’t getting much Vitamin D in her diet either.  We added a soluble Vitamin D to her breakfast along with a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement and her mood bounced right back up.  Something her family were very pleased about!


If you feel that this might be you then please come in for a test.  To go through the winter feeling underpar every year when it is really not necessary is such a waste of your valuable time on this earth.

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