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Fizzy drinks should carry a skull and crossbones warning!

An article in the Daily Telegraph last month highlighted a study that looked at what happens to our metabolism (how our body creates energy) when we consume fizzy drinks (full fat or diet varieties).  Usually our body will burn fat cells for energy for our muscles (great news for you if you are wanting to lose weight), however, if you drink fizzy drinks regularly your body will alter its’ metabolism and start using sugar.  This is inefficient and can lead to raised blood sugar levels which in turn can lead to diabetes.  The really scary thing is that the fizzy drinks in some way alter our gene activity leading to unhealthy adaptations.  And the scientists are concerned that the short term consumption of fizzy drinks can lead to long term damage for the body.  If you want to find out if this is one of the reasons why you are struggling to lose weight contact me for a chat.

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