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health-E-news July 15

So what health snippets do I have for you today?

Latest learnings and musings on water

I have been doing more research around water filtering to ensure that the information I’m giving you is as up-to-date and accurate as possible which has come up with some amazing facts and some information that is so wrong that it boggles the imagination! I did find another source that the optimum temperature of water is 39 degrees F (39.2F is 4 degrees C which is on the water coaster) so I was very pleased with that.

I also spent a long time looking at the very expensive Japanese water systems that can alkalise and acidify water depending on what you want healthwise and after looking at a lot of research came up with the following:  read more here …..


Classical music can lower blood pressure

Oh yes! I think I’ve touched on this before but a study has been done that shows that if the music matches the body’s natural rhythm (mainly Baroque style) then blood pressure drops. Cardiologists are wanting more research before considering prescribing this to all cardiac patients. So which pieces do the most good? It has to have a repeated 10-second rhythm (mmmm, yes, I’m not much wiser here either!) and includes things such as Verdi’s Va Pensiero, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony adagio and Puccini’s Nessun Dorma. Schubert’s Ave Maria also worked but only if it was sung in the original Latin (links take you to YouTube). I wonder if there is some benefit in us not know what the words mean. I wonder if any of the people in the study were Italian or understood Latin?!

Interestingly for me Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (which is also Baroque) had no effect – too fast! And a piece by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers had the opposite effect and raised blood pressure!

Strawberries and weight loss

Oh yes! Not only are they packed with vitamin C (more so than oranges) but research shows that a compound in strawberries can turn excess body fat into brown fat – this is the fat that keeps on working after you’ve stopped exercising unlike regular fat, And it’s not just strawberries – blueberries, raspberries, grapes and apples are on the list too. Although I would be careful with eating too many grapes – they are quite high in sugar. On the downside the mice in the study were getting through the equivalent of 12oz a day! That would definitely help with your 7 a day!!

Defeating dyslexia

This was very interesting reading. Apparently the key to this is nursery rhymes! Children with dyslexia have a lack of rhythm in the brain and so struggle with speech rhythm – they have an inability to hear the rhythm in the spoken word that the rest of us take for granted. A leading neuroscientist has suggested that if children were encouraged to learn clapping games, music, nursery rhymes and marching to The Grand Old Duke of York then the children would learn how to get the rhythm and then read easily. I remember these from nursery and early primary school – anyone else? I wonder if they still do them now!

Fatty foods and babies

Not good news here for pregnant ladies who like fatty foods and are overweight. You really can’t eat for two consuming junk/fatty foods. They’ve found that children born to mothers who did were far more likely to suffer from immune diseases and allergies. Apparently this type of diet damages the foetal liver which is very sensitive to any poisons – and that includes alcohol, sugar, coffee and soft drinks. If you are planning pregnancy then I really recommend a clean out of your diet and mind for 6 months prior and then keep pretty healthy for the whole 9 months. It’s not such a long time and think how much time you’ll save sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms if you have a healthy robust child!

If you find yourself pregant by surprise then DO NOT immediately change from a poor diet to a healthy diet without help from someone experienced in diet and healthy living. If you suddenly change your body will do an almighty detox which could be more harmful than a slow change. You’ll feel better too.

If you find yourself in this position please telephone me – phone consultations are free and I’m very happy to email tips so that the next generation gets all the help they can :>)

Well, that’s it for today. Hope you are having a lovely week, Peta

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