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talk, exciting re-energising coaster news, organic veg is better and why stressed women burn less calories

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How to boost your immune system and stay sniffle free throughout the winter

There are still some places left for this talk next Wednesday, 8th from 7-9pm at Gladstone’s Library.  Tickets are £5 in advance and £10 on the door.  Come along and have some fun and learn stuff too!


The re-energising coaster has been tested!

I have been waiting for the test results to come back from the States on the coaster.  Kinesiology testing has shown that it is very effective and that you need to drink less water per day if it has been re-energised on the coaster and anecdotal testimonials have all been very positive from the energy aware and the non energy aware alike!  But the proof of the pudding as they say is will a machine notice the difference.  Well the results are in ………

Water before testing showed a reading of 16.50 – and after being placed on the coaster and re-tested showed 1790.00!  The tester said that this difference is huge in her experience – AMAZING!!! was her comment (I think I have the number of exclamation marks right 🙂 ) If you want to experience this for yourself or want to give a gift to a loved one then they are beautifully boxed £9.99 and last forever!


Latest research on organic veg

The Daily Telegraph reported that eating organic veg counts double towards your daily total.  So one piece of organic veg = 2 pieces of non-organic.  Why? Apparently there are differences in nutritional content between the two and of course there isn’t the pesticide/fertilizer load that you body then has to use up some of those vitamins and minerals to deal with.  So if you can – switch to organic.  If you can’t switch completely then think about surface area.  What?! The more surface area a plant has the more surfaces for pesticides, etc to cling on to.  So a lettuce has lots of surface area whereas a carrot has very little – and you often peel it anyway so buy the organic lettuce and not the carrot (although saying that – the organic carrots often tastes fabulous and is my definite treat!)


Stress vs calories

Research has shown that if you are stressed your metabolic rate drops and this means that you burn up fewer calories.  They tested a group of women who were very relaxed by giving them a meal (why wasn’t I invited?! someone else cooking – I’m all in favour 🙂 ) and then measured the number of calories burnt.  Then they stressed them and repeated the test.  Even if the stress had been the previous day it still affected the calorie burn and they estimated that this could account for an extra 11 pounds of weight per year!  Apparently when we get stressed we have higher levels of insulin in our bodies and this enables the body to store more of the kind of fat that can’t be easily converted into fuel which makes it incredibly important that the food you eat when stressed is healthy and low in calories.  Also the more dense the food ie: carrots, celery, apples, pears the less you will eat as they will fill you up more quickly.  And, of course, learn how to stay unstressed by being more mindful.


Love garlic but your nearest and dearest don’t?

Then eat away but follow with an apple or green tea – both are effective and ridding you of the pungent odour on your breath apparently!  Anyone fancy trying it and letting me know if it worked?!


High blood pressure?  Your best friend is probiotics!

Tests have shown that taking a probiotic supplement lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure although you have to have been taking them for at least 8 weeks for the effects to show and they need to be of a certain volume – although they don’t say what that is!  However, we have the wonderful tool that is kinesiology testing so if you want to give it a whirl just ask and we’ll come up with the right balance for you.


Change in eating habits has led to obesity in children

This one is quite sad but apparently children who eat alone/without their parents are far more likely to be obese than children who eat breakfast and to a lesser extent dinner at least 5 times a week with their parents.  They think it is because children eat more slowly when with their parents because they will be in conversation and also subconsciously what they are eating will also be supervised.  A sign for all of us to sit down at the table, take our time and enjoy conversation.


And finally a wonderfully weird one!  The mystery of the 13 year old girl who kept falling down.

Without warning she would just collapse.  It had doctors baffled as there seemed to be nothing at all wrong with her.  The family then tried a number of other therapies (unfortunately they hadn’t discovered kinesiology but never mind!) until they got lucky with a hypnotherapist who did NLP.  So what was the problem?  For some reason her body had decided that the only way to handle stress was to collapse!  Several sessions later and with her body reprogrammed to deal with stress more appropriately she is now fine and enjoying school again.  Just goes to show that emotional stuff can have quite severe physical symptoms – imagine what it might be doing to your insides?


Have a lovely weekend, Peta 🙂

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