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Thyme heals all?

Thyme is a fabulous essential oil and is often better at killing certain bugs than tea tree oil.  A recent study carried out at Leeds Metropolitan University confirms thyme’s brilliance in this field.  Student Kimberley Sanderson and Dr Margarita Gomez Escalada, a senior lecturer in microbiology, have been testing tinctures that showed the possibility that thyme could be an effective treatment for acne.


The herb showed great potential for becoming a natural alternative to the current treatments available for acne and a very effective one at that. The tincture proved thyme killed 100,000 per ml/half a million per teaspoonful of bacteria and could be less irritating to the skin than its current chemical counterparts.


A good quality thyme should cost you no more than £7 for 10mls, will last a long time and has got to be better than a chemical!

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