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Inflammation begone!

I began seeing Peta around a year ago, when I was diagnosed with an inflammatory disease.  My doctor confirmed that I would have the condition for life and that it would be managed with medication.

At the time of being diagnosed I was experiencing many symptoms including pain and fatigue. All of which were impacting my life negatively, especially because I had a toddler to care for too!

From our first session Peta helped me to feel more in control of my health. She was able to identify supplements which would help me get back on track and advised some lifestyle changes with regards to fluid intake and diet. After one week of putting her advice into practice I was seeing results in all areas!

Peta has continued to work with me, “reading” my body and working her magic, so that every time I leave a session I feel improvements.

It has been a very empowering experience working with Peta because when I first went to see her I felt a bit hopeless about my health. Peta has helped me to find my sense of well-being again.

I have continued to work with my doctor but I feel like Peta’s knowledge, perspective and work has been wonderfully complimentary and I wouldn’t have the sense of wellbeing I have today without her care.

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