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Coaster in boxwater re-energising coaster

Harness the Power of Quantum Physics and reap the health benefits!


Water has amazing properties that make it different from all other liquids and drinking water that is full of energy gives us more energy, relieves aches and pains, enables our bodies to work more efficiently and just makes us feel better.   However,  we know that when water travels through straight pipes and is treated with chemicals it loses its’ energy until it becomes flat and its’ ability to carry information (which is vital for our bodies) diminishes.  So what can you do about it?  We can help water by filtering it and then enabling it to re-energise by using the new re-energising coaster!  Just stand a jug or glass of water on the coaster for at least 5 minutes and the information encoded into the design re-energises the water.


The coaster has a specific design that uses information from quantum physics and water experts.  It is made from glass which also creates a vibrational element.  £10.99 plus P&P To buy please email me at or phone me on 01978 760867.


Machine testing in the USA has shown that the energy of the water increased from 16.50 before being placed on the coaster to 1790.00 – that’s more than 100 times!


What people say on holding the coaster for the first time and then on drinking water re-energised:

“Wow! my fingers feel all tingly!”  “The water tastes rounder and somehow more silky”  “Goodness, I feel like I’m going to cry”  “I love how it feels – you’re not getting this one back!”  ” I love how I feel tingly when I drink the water – it’s almost as if I can feel the water energising my cells!”  And a therapist who has used the coaster during treatment sessions said “I found the energy produced by the Coaster to be very stable, consistent and effective. Highly recommended.”

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