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"Look after your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Jim Rohn

What a lovely thing to say!

Thanks Peta, take care of yourself and keep on making this world a better place for all your clients and beyond. I am sure they all appreciate you more than they probably say.  WR, Flintshire

blend electrolysis success

I had suffered from facial hair for many years but had kept it in check with effective electrolysis until moving to this area several years ago.  After going to a salon for some months found that the hairs were getting much worse and in desperation I saught the advise of a laser therapy company. They recommended Peta and I have never looked back.

Now I have hardly any facial hair and only need the occasional treatment.  Thankyou Peta.

From a very pleased customer.


For many years I have undergone electrolysis treatment at a number of hospitals, clinics and numerous beauty salons but still had a very bad problem with facial hair.  I could be described as a bearded lady.


A while back a colleague suggested that I get in touch with Peta.  She told me that Peta had an excellent reputation for a number of treatments that she could provide.  I then made a decision and called her and made an appointment for an assessment.


Peta is a very understanding person, welcoming and a complete professional and the Blend Electrolysis that she uses is unbelievable.  I can now say that I can hold my head up high, I do not have to keep my chin down as the treatment has caused such a wonderful difference to my facial hair.  I have so little hair now and what is left is so fine that no one would notice it.


The treatment that Peta has provided has given me a new lease of life now I have much more confidence.  I feel as if I have hit the Jackpot thanks to Peta.


Rosemary Green, Flintshire


It’s always inspiring coming here!  Annabel, Nantwich

restoring my health

My sincere thanks for all you have done to restore my health to how it was about seven years ago.  I truly feel wonderful, no pain and my energy levels are great.  So thank you very much.  Ann B-D, Cheshire

keeping me positive

I found myself feeling more negative last week with some energy dips and realised that I had stopped using the coaster for my drinking water.  I also noticed that the water tasted different – more hollow or empty.  I immediately started re-energising my water and hey presto! Energy came back up and my positive thoughts returned.  Brilliant!  Emma, Flintshire

no headaches, indigestion, etc, etc

Think of you often and miss our chats, but thanks to you I’m really well, no headaches, indigestion, etc, etc………. so haven’t really had an excuse to see you!  Kate, Ruthin

knowledgable & approachable

I have known Peta for a very long time and find her to be an approachable and genuine person.  I find her extremely knowledgeable in the field of Kinesiology.  I would certainly recommend her to anyone who would like to be cured by alternative therapy instead of taking medication everyday which eventually builds up in the body to do more harm than good.  The root of the problem needs to be addressed and Peta is certainly the person that will find that out for you.  Sarah Spencer, Yoga teacher, Flintshire

water coaster convert

“I use one in my treatment room to make water beautiful for my clients.    In fact one lady who refuses to drink normal water, does so now when in my room once I’d shown her the coaster. Before then she would only ever drink her own filtered water.”  Miranda Welton, Progressive Kinesiology

highly recommended

“Yesterday, I had a Creative Kinesiology session with my friend, and just before the session she showed me a new vibrational tool she had received, a Water Re-Energising Coaster, saying that if you place a glass of water on the Coaster it will charge the water with positive energy, so that you can drink it later.


During the session, which was to shift some old, stuck energy, when we asked for what tool was best to use to do the shifting, my body replied, it was the Coaster.


So we placed it over my heart, and I could feel a fresh new energy spiraling around and down into my heart, and once in the heart, expanding outwards, which was a very nice feeling.


Afterwards, I was left with the feeling that the new energy was also forming a shield around my heart, keeping the good energy in, and the old energy out. That feeling lasted for the rest of the day.


I myself am a Crystal Therapist and Health Kinesiolgist, and so I have used numerous different vibrational tools over the years, and in comparison, I found the energy produced by the Coaster to be very stable, consistent and effective. Highly recommended.”  Brian Parsons

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