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For many years I have undergone electrolysis treatment at a number of hospitals, clinics and numerous beauty salons but still had a very bad problem with facial hair.  I could be described as a bearded lady.


A while back a colleague suggested that I get in touch with Peta.  She told me that Peta had an excellent reputation for a number of treatments that she could provide.  I then made a decision and called her and made an appointment for an assessment.


Peta is a very understanding person, welcoming and a complete professional and the Blend Electrolysis that she uses is unbelievable.  I can now say that I can hold my head up high, I do not have to keep my chin down as the treatment has caused such a wonderful difference to my facial hair.  I have so little hair now and what is left is so fine that no one would notice it.


The treatment that Peta has provided has given me a new lease of life now I have much more confidence.  I feel as if I have hit the Jackpot thanks to Peta.


Rosemary Green, Flintshire

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