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highly recommended

“Yesterday, I had a Creative Kinesiology session with my friend, and just before the session she showed me a new vibrational tool she had received, a Water Re-Energising Coaster, saying that if you place a glass of water on the Coaster it will charge the water with positive energy, so that you can drink it later.


During the session, which was to shift some old, stuck energy, when we asked for what tool was best to use to do the shifting, my body replied, it was the Coaster.


So we placed it over my heart, and I could feel a fresh new energy spiraling around and down into my heart, and once in the heart, expanding outwards, which was a very nice feeling.


Afterwards, I was left with the feeling that the new energy was also forming a shield around my heart, keeping the good energy in, and the old energy out. That feeling lasted for the rest of the day.


I myself am a Crystal Therapist and Health Kinesiolgist, and so I have used numerous different vibrational tools over the years, and in comparison, I found the energy produced by the Coaster to be very stable, consistent and effective. Highly recommended.”  Brian Parsons

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