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being gifted the Water Re-Energising Coaster

Water Re-Energising Coaster

Water Re-Energising Coaster

Q: So how did the Water Re-Energising Coaster come about?
A: I was doing some research into water last year and came to realise that our tap water has lost its’ energy and its’ ability to carry information (which is vital for our bodies) diminishes. I know there are machines that can re-energise water but these are bulky and can be costly. I thought that it would be great if there was a smaller and cheaper way of doing the same job and at that moment the picture of the coaster popped into my mind. I could see the red spiral design, the harmonics (the 2 number sequences), the electrical potential and the temperature and the 3 positive words at the bottom. I was a bit flabbergasted but quickly made notes! I feel that I have been directed from the start and when I was looking for suppliers they appeared straight away.

Q: Why is re-energising our water so important?
A: Energised water goes into our cells easily and gives us energy, relieves aches and pains, enables our bodies to work more efficiently and makes us feel better. The feedback has been amazing. From sleeping better to feeling calmer, to the disappearance of nearly all side effects from medication to stronger nail growth. Quite a few people can feel the vibration on holding the coaster and on drinking the water.

Q: How does it work?
A: .The information that is embedded in the coaster allows the water to remember how it used to be and it enables it to re-energise.  There is a more detailed explanation of the various pieces of information such as the colour, temperature, spiral design, words and harmonics on the coaster inside each box.

Q: What do I do?
A: Stand a jug or glass of water on the coaster for at least 5 minutes and then drink the water.  You can also place the coaster under any food or liquid that has a water content and it will enhance the water in these too.

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  1. tom white says:

    Fantastic I’ll get mum one of these!

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