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Chocolate without the nasty ingredients that still tastes good :-)

raw chocoalte

A client has just asked me to do a blog about the way that I make raw chocolate as he’s found out today during some kinesiology food testing that he’s dairy intolerant (so sorry!).


It’s really a very simple thing to do.  You just need coconut oil (@ ½ cup) which is solid at room temperature, honey or maple syrup (@ 1 tbsp to taste) and raw cacao powder (@ ¼ cup) plus your extras.


You melt the coconut oil by putting a glass dish over a saucepan with hot water in exactly the same way that you would melt cooking chocolate and then stir in the raw cacao powder till it’s completely smooth.  Then add a selection of chopped nuts, seeds and dried fruit and mix that all in.  Then I add a flavouring of choice – my personal favourite at the moment is orange flavouring so I put about ½ tsp of that in but you could use vanilla or mint.


Once it’s all combined pour it into a small baking tray so it’s around about half a centimetre deep and then after you’ve shaken it to make sure it’s level pop it in the freezer.  After about 20 minutes it will have solidified because the coconut oil when it’s cold wants to be solid and Voila!  You have real chocolate.  Play around with it to find your own personal taste.


The only other thing you need to be aware of is that the raw chocolate when made doesn’t have the ability to not melt when you hold it in your hands like Cadbury’s et al.  They put a chemical in to give their chocolate slightly more staying power from the warmth of your hands so make sure that you chop your chocolate into small pieces so that you can just pop each piece in your mouth without having to hold it in your hands and enjoy.


WARNING:  This can be very moreish and although much healthier than bought chocolate does still contain waist and thigh expanding calories!


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