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feeling like you have a lump in your throat? Always swallowing?

I just read this very interesting piece about adrenalin dominant people and one of the side effects of being adrenalin dominant is that they may have the sensation of a lump in their throat, referred to as globus hystericus.  This is  caused by muscle contraction in that area brought on by the tension created by the adrenalin.  I have a number of clients at the moment who have this problem and we have assumed that it is a physical lump!  So maybe not. 


So how do you release the tension and therefore the ‘lump’?  Firstly ensure that adrenalin is not triggered by low blood sugar – think eat little and often rather than 3 meals a day and nothing in between and if that doesn’t do it then you need to look at the stresses and tensions in your life and deal with them.  Sometimes just looking at your life from a different perspective is enough – think gratitude for everything and everyone in your life rather than what’s wrong (a little Pollyanna – if you haven’t read the book then it’s a lovely children’s story).  Or if you want some extra help then kinesiology has a handy little balance called Emotional Stress Release where we can switch off the emotion around an issue so it goes from being in glorious technicolour to being in a fuzzy grey.  As one of my younger clients said a few years ago – from OMG! to ‘whatever’ (aka Catherine Tate’s character). 🙂  Hope you like the picture and have a lovely day.

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