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latest learnings and musings about water

water worldI have been doing more research around water filtering to ensure that the information I’m giving you is as up-to-date and accurate as possible which has come up with some amazing facts and some information that is so wrong that it boggles the imagination!  I did find another source that the optimum temperature of water is 39 degrees F (39.2F is 4 degrees C which is on the water coaster) so I was very pleased with that.   This temperature is optimal because it restructures the water.


I also spent a long time looking at the very expensive Japanese water systems that can alkalise and acidify water depending on what you want healthwise and after looking at a lot of research came up with the following:


– that a slightly alkaline water is best for health but nowhere as high as these machines are going!  In fact long term this is not good for your health at all and certainly not good for your stomach as it reduces the amount of stomach acid you produce.  And you need this to kill off any bugs in your food as well as digesting proteins.


– that the optimum drinking water is @ 7.0-7.7pH.  (7.0pH is neutral) I am still looking at how to successfully and easily raise my drinking water to this.  Last night I had a wonderful play with bicarbonate of Soda and this is the favourite at the moment but the dosage needs working out as even a tiny bit takes the water way too alkaline – my pH paper was a very vivid colour of blue which is over 8.0 with the first attempt!  I’ll let you know what I come up with.


I have checked the Dee Valley Water website (lots of information there on our water quality) and find that last year our water was between 6.8-7.9 which would be pretty optimal.  However testing last night showed it was more like 5.5.  I’m going to treat myself to a digital pH reader and test regularly over the course of week and see how much it fluctuates.


– that the best way to filter your water is still reverse osmosis and testing confirms this.  It does have it’s problems but they can be overcome by remineralising with either Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt.  I would rather have the chemicals, drugs, hormones, etc taken out of my water and then have to remineralise than take the risk that you get with other filter systems.  Especially as I then re-energise with the coaster.


– that if you are out and are choosing between bottled waters then Evian and Volvic are usually @ 7pH whereas Pelligrino and Perrier are more acidic at 5.5pH.


– that rainwater is slightly acidic at @ 5.5pH.  The more acidic water is the more cleansing it is – although if you get too extreme cleansing becomes stripping and you certainly wouldn’t want that on your skin!  But that’s another article :>)


– that soil’s optimum pH is between 6.5 – 7.00pH.


– that our blood (which is make up of a lot of water!) is 7.4pH.


Can you see the pattern?  We are not meant to be drinking water at much more than this (unless you are doing a very short detox – again another article!) for optimal health.  As soon as I work out exactly how to get water at the most optimal for health – although I think I am nearly there with the re-mineralised reverse osmosis filtered re-energised water! – I’ll let you know.  Bottoms up!



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